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Every child is unique and each life situation different …We make sense when they don’t!

childlife is committed to bring busy parents and early childhood professionals customized workshops, consultations and strategies on early childhood development.

Our holistic approach and variety of services enables optimum development and all things possible for kids!

Customized Consultation and Strategies

  • Behaviour, Discipline, Development, Special Needs
  • Power Struggles, Intense Emotions
  • Routines that aren’t working but wished they would — dressing, eating, sleeping…

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REVISED FOR 2017: Foundations for Learning Workshops

Childlife has developed a 6-Part Training Series on the Four Foundations for Learning that helps the early childhood educator to understand more deeply the How Does Learning Happen? Theories and how to apply them in their every day work with the children. Examples and simple strategies are highlighted throughout the training to support best practices that foster optimum learning in the classroom.

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Best Behaviour Workshops

  • Keeping up the P.A.C.E (Positive Attitude Changes Everything)
  • Behaviour Teacher vs Behaviour Manager
  • Mastering the Art of Child Behaviour
  • He’s Pushing my Buttons! Emotional Management Training for Staff
  • Motivation & Passion for LIFE! How to Have it, Maintain it & Share it!
  • Striving for Excellence: Reclaiming Child Development in the Classroom
  • Healthy Pathways: How to enhance development
  • Authentic Self-Esteem!
  • Early Warnings: When to be Concerned?
  • Best Practices is Inclusive Education

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Customized for your AGM, Parent Night, Office Lunch & Learn

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Giving children the tools to succeed in life

"The teleclass the other night was amazing, very insightful."


  • Essentials for BEST Behaviour
  • Positive Guidance: Calm, Cool & Connected!
  • Temper TAMER: Guiding Emotions

Parenting and teaching young children is challenging even for the most experienced!

childlife helps you improve children’s behaviour, nurture their nature and bring out their BEST!

For practical, inspiring strategies that work – Just ASK!

Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all their lives. — Proverbs 22 v 6

childlife … inspire their best!