...inspire their best!

Customized Consultation & Strategies

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Giving children the tools to succeed in life

“The phone consultation was not at all intimidating, which at times can very well be, especially when dealing with professionals. You gave practical strategies which we were able to relate to. Thanks Mary!” -- Mom of 4 year old

offers practical advice and techniques by telephone, email or in person.

Discipline or development — you set the agenda with your questions.

You receive personal and confidential support related to your unique situation. JUST ASK

offers one-time or ongoing (weekly, biweekly or monthly) consultations to meet your needs.

No contract or commitment is required.

Early, late and weekend consultations are available. JUST ASK

We Can Help You

  • Encourage BEST Behaviour
  • Handle Intense Emotions
  • Build Self –Esteem
  • Early Identify Delays & Special Needs
  • Nurture their nature and bring out their BEST!

You Can Expect

  • Compassionate, practical expert advice
  • Customized Strategies that work!

… inspire their best!