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All the Flowers of Tomorrow are in the Seeds Today
Building a good sense of self-esteem is more than just saying, "Good boy." "Well-done." "You are the very best at everything." If we really want children to develop a strong sense of self esteem, we have to start by creating an environment that is rich with opportunities that germinate trust and positive relationships, and sow independence and success. These are the foundations that help build self-esteem.
Are They Learning Anything Yet? Play Is The Way To Learning
Forget the flash cards, and the ABC homework sheets, if we want to see our children become competent, critical thinking and harmonious human beings, we'll get off the "fast-food style" of "education" and get back to the basics of learning for young children which is simply PLAY. Ask any leading expert - Dr. Lillian Katz, Dr. Spock, Penelope Leach, Dr. Stanley Greenspan, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Dr. Frasier Mustard and any new upcoming researcher they will all agree, prove and promote that: PLAY IS THE WAY TO LEARNING.
Emotions Matter
Children who can identify, understand and manage their emotions do better in life. Like learning to walk and talk, the process of learning to deal with feelings takes place gradually over months.
The Art of Limit Setting & Self Control
Teaching children the imperative lessons of waiting, delaying gratification and how to self regulate their behaviour and emotions are the best tools for later success in life and play a role in the prevention of mental health disorders.
Violence in Young Children?
As normal healthy development occurs, these “drives” are conveyed in a variety of behaviours according to the age and stage of the child.